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Our Products

Pet care, including quality care advice, products and referrals to professional specialists.

Local & Independent

Mt Barker Pet Care champions local quality products.

Choozy pet fashion, bedding and apparel, made right here in South Australia.

Quality Cat Furniture made to order by local South Australian manufacturers.

Locally processed Pet Treats.

Evolution animal care, made locally to support your pets joint and intestinal health.

Pharmacy & Health

Toiletry Aids
Yours Droolley 
No More Marking
No More Stains and Odours
3 in 1 Air Fresher 
Training pads
CSI Urine Remover
Urine Off
Clean Nappies
Aristopet Dog and Cat Repellent
Stop Chew
Yours droolley toilet training aid
Absorb scented cleaning wipes
Pet Kin Eye Wipes
Vetalogica Health Care Treats
Animal Health Care Range
Health Care Treats & Dental Care
Evolution Dental Heath 
Greenies (USA) 
Triple Pet Dental Care
Dentipet Dental Care
Tropiclean Dental Liquids
Pharmacy & Health 
Parasite and flea control
Comfortis plus
Frontline plus
Natural Animal Solutions
Adaptil Calming Products
Feliway Calming Products 
Troy Supliments
Joint Guard
Vets All Natural
Wound Gard 
Epiotic Ear Cleaner
Blackmores Paw Range 
Medicated Washes 
Smileydog Range (Aust)
Yours Droolly Range (Aust)
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  • Pharmacy & Health Brand Logos
  • Pharmacy & Health Brand Logos
  • Pharmacy & Health Brand Logos
  • Pharmacy & Health Brand Logos
  • Pharmacy & Health Brand Logos

Behaviour & Training

Beau pets
Gentle leader

Bedding & Apparel

Always championing locally made, quality brands such as Choozy Pet Fashion where we have the ability to customize your bedding, jackets, jumpers all made right here in S.A.

Choozy beds have a foam content that contain the ‘Ultra Fresh Treatment’ which inhibits dust mite, bacteria and mildew.

They use an allergy free fibre in thier cushions which is roll and hand filled to help to maintain the loft and ensures a comfy pad for your pet to sleep on

Snooza Pet Products is another Australian Brand with a large range of Quality pet bedding. 

Food & Nutrition

Raw Diets 
Complete range of Big Dog Pet foods (Aust)
Dr B’s Barf (Aust)
Oganic Paws (Aust)
Prime 100
Pre-cooked Dog Rolls 
Prime 100 (Aust)
Premium Dry Foods
Black Hawk (Aust. made)
Phoenix (Aust. made)
Royal Canin (France and Canada)
Meals for Mutts MM (Aust)
Complete Range (Aust)
Advance Pet Nutrition 
Taste of the Wild (USA)
Ziwi Peak (NZ)
Hills Science (USA)
LIFEWISE (Aust Made & Owned)
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  • Food & Nutrition Brand Logos
  • Food & Nutrition Brand Logos
  • Food & Nutrition Brand Logos
  • Food & Nutrition Brand Logos
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Lifestyle & Entertainment

To create a behaviorally healthy lifestyle for our dogs, one that meets their needs, we first must know what their behavioral needs are. That’s a trickier undertaking than you might think.

To conform to a wellness approach, behavioral health should be described in terms of what pets do, not what they shouldn’t do. For that reason, we’ve long encouraged our clients to ask themselves, How can I get my pet to do what I want? instead of How can I get him to stop [fill in the blank]?—which is usually the behavior(s) we are called upon to help change.

Taking a wellness approach to your dog’s behavior also means being proactive and considering what your dog needs and how you can mitigate stress during changes in your lifestyle, such as moving, the birth of a child, or a significant change in schedule that will result in your dog being left alone for longer periods.

It also means ongoing monitoring of your dog’s behavior using our healthy-dog criteria and taking action when you notice small changes before they become big issues.

This can sometimes be a big challenge, which is why we have a team of experts and resources at our fingertips to link you to the best people and products.

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